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Superman: A Celebration of 75 Years

Publisher: DC

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When Superman made his debut in 1938, it was the beginning not merely for one character, but for an entire genre. The term "super hero" had yet to be coined when Action Comics #1 first hit newstands, but once Superman entered the scene, effortlessly lifting a car above his head on that first iconic cover, the character paved teh way for each of the hundreds (if not thousands) of super-powered heroes created since.

This compilation collects a range of stories featuring the first and greatest super hero, highlighting the many roles the Man of Steel has played over the decades. In these celebrated stories, Superman is by turns the Herculean champion, the lonely alien survivor, the super-powered Boy Scout and the soul-searching leader. Over the course of seventy-five years, see the character grow from a simple strongman to the beloved international symbol he is today!

Hardcover Edition

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