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Kael's First Cover Giveaway!

Here's another thing we didn't tell anyone until now....

At conventions we usually do giveaways for those that purchased any of the store exclusives and there's lots of people that can't make it to the conventions that we're at, especially for the international customers!

So we've decided for every person that places an order for the Kael Ngu's G.I. Joe you will be automatically entered to win 1 of 2 free prizes.

First you have a color your own Spider-Man Figure:

WINNER: Ryan H from Anaheim, CA

Then one lucky winner will win a Bombshells Cheetah Statue!

WINNER: Luke A from Davison, MI

The winner will have to unfortunately pay for the shipping but the item is yours free if you win!

*Please note, you will only have your name entered once even if you make multiple purchases! 


-CMS Team


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