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How to get your FREE copy of Batman #50 Customer Appreciation Cover!

So we have a total of 4 covers for our release of Batman #50.
The first 3 covers were revealed as we received them from DC which are shown here:
We have Cover A (trade dress) which will have a print run of 2,800.

The second is Cover B (frame and rings variant) that will have a print run of 1,300. *(May have trade dress)

The third cover, Cover C (virgin) will have 900 copies available.
Next the most important cover. Cover D is our customer appreciation cover.

Batman #50 Customer Appreciation

The pricing is as follow:
Cover A (Raw) - $20
Cover B (Raw) - $25
Cover C (Raw) - $40
Set (Raw) - $85

There will also be options available for Raw Signed Books, CGC Graded and CGC Signed and Graded Books.

The most important thing... Cover D is 
FREE! when you buy a SET of the covers in any combination.
For example: You can get a signed raw copy of Cover A, add a signed and graded Cover B and a graded copy of Cover C and add a copy of Cover D to your cart for free!
You MUST add Cover D to your cart to get it FREE!
Please make sure the quantities between Set and Cover D match, otherwise we will make corrections to your order without notifications!

The only way to add the book to your cart is by selecting "(with Set) Freebie, Ungraded and Unsigned". Any other options will not allow you to add it to your cart!

You will be able to add 1 copy of Cover D per set in your order! If you have 3 complete sets you can add 3 free covers to your order!

There will be 
750 copies of Cover D given away!

Currently we will not be selling any Cover D copies and the only option available is raw. You cannot get it signed or graded from our store. 

We will have around 100 copies left that will either be given away as a future promotion, some available possibly as signed/graded or maybe no one will ever see them again.

Are we crazy to give away a beautiful cover?!? Yes we are. We wanted to do this with Harley and we couldn't. But this is about our fans. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the last year, and what better way of giving them an amazingly painted cover by Natali Sanders.

Pre-Sale Information:

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
9:00 am PST

First Come, First Served!

Here's the link to directly purchase the book
Take Me There Now!

-CMS Team

*As a note, please understand with the overwhelming requests for this book and we take our time to pre-screen all the books for damages that it make take a little longer before copies are sent out.  We strive to provide the best for our customers. 

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