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You will receive newsletters usually each week on Sunday announcing the new releases, exclusives, new information and the only place to get discount codes!

Can you grade my books for me?

Yes we can. We are a full authorized dealer through CGC, our preferred third party grading company. You can send an email to to find out more details.

Do you buy comics or whole collections?

Yes we are always buying books and collections and depending on the age and amount of books are always willing to help educate and provide a fair offer. Just give us a call or email us through our contact page.


What is the difference between a New Releases, Back Issues and Preorder?

New Releases are usually books that have just been released or will be released shortly. Back issues are items that have been released longer than 1 month ago and pre-orders are items that are available for order that are usually available 2 months from the time listed.

When are new releases made available?

New releases are usually available for purchase on Wednesdays each week.

When is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped usually within 24-48 hours after payment has cleared. There can be delays due to holidays, delayed processing of payments or other means outside of our control.

When is my order shipped if it contains pre-ordered books?

We make all attempts to combine shipping to save shipping costs on all orders unless otherwise instructed. If there are books that are released within the next week then we will ship your order on Wednesday when new releases are made available.

How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped either via USPS or FedEx.

What is the cut-off date for pre-orders?

All books that are listed in the Preorder section are available until the end of the third week of each month. Titles in the Preorder link are books that are available for pre-order usually 2 months in advance. So if you place a pre-order for the month of January, usually the book will arrive in March.

Do you have a pull list (subscription) feature?

A pull list is a recurring subscription of a title you want until you cancel or the series is completed. We offer pull lists and all you need to do is send a pull list order form and email to To get the form just send us an email to the same address.

When can I expect my regular shipment of subscribed titles?

All shipments are usually shipped within 24-48 hrs of their release date. When you subscribe to a title you after filling your pull-list form, you can select which method of shipping on the form. At that time you can comment how frequent you would like shipping to be if you have more than 1 title you are subscribing to. After that you will be sent an invoice 7 days before the end of the month outlining the items and shipping fee. 

If I choose bi-weekly or weekly shipping will I be charged more?

Yes, each shipping is usually a flat rate. If you would like your titles shipped as they are released and you instruct us for weekly shipping you will be charged shipping for each week of the month.

What do I do if something is missing/damage from my shipment?

Please contact us within 3 business days of receiving your order. We review the books from our distributor for excess damage but we can't guarantee mint condition of every title. For all damages we require customers to submit photos to us so that we can review and will either refund or replace at our discretion.

What are your return policies?

Due to the collectability of our products we are unable to accept returns and all sales are final. If the item is damaged please contact us at

Grading Service:

How does the Grading Service work?

The Grading Service is tied to the Pre-Order tab from Comics dropdown. It allows a person to either purchase an individual copy of the book in either regular form or a CGC 9.8 (or better) graded copy. If you want the regular readable version you can pre-order books through the Pre-Order link under Comics. If you want a graded version of that book you can purchase copy though the Grading Service link under Graded Comics.

Do you guarantee a 9.8 grade of each book that I purchase?

We make all attempts to get each issue that you purchase but due to printing qualities that are out of our control we may not be able to get every issue.

What happens if I pay for the item and it doesn't receive a 9.8 grade?

We offer 2 choices. We can either refund the purchase of that book or apply the credit towards another book.

How does payment work?

If you want a particular issue or variant you can add the title to your cart and purchase the items. Remember, this is a grading service request on a pre-ordered book. You are being billed a head of time and your payment secures a copy of the book which is then ordered from the distributor. It will take 2 months before we receive the book in hand to inspect the book. Once received the book undergoes a quality check and from there we will then send the book to CGC to be graded. The current wait time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Once we receive the book back, we then review for quality and pack it securely to have it shipped to you. Overall you can expect between 12-16 weeks for the whole process to be completed.

Why don’t you offer title X or variant Y?

We can’t add every books to the pre-order section of the site. If there is a book that you want you can send a request for a particular book to Not all variants are offered since there is no guarantees that a high ratio book will be received in 9.6 or better condition from distribution. If you are comfortable with not receiving a 9.8 to a high ration variant book you can email us your request to the same email address listed.

What about books that are CGC 9.9 or 10?

If a book grades higher than 9.8 the subscribers on that title will be contacted on a rotating basis and offered the book at no additional charge!

When do you ship my graded books?

We ship books immediately after we receive them from CGC as long as payment has been received for the items.

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