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Red Sonja Birth of the She Devil #1 Exclusive by Gerald Parel


Publisher: Dynamite


Collaboration Exclusive!

Order your copy of Red Sonja Birth of She-Devil #1 featuring cover art from Gerald Parel! Available only as a virgin cover only! This is an extremely limited release between Comic Market Street, Kirby's Comic Art, Iron Lion and SUBaCOMIC stores!

Release Date: 06/12/19!
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Available Options:

Virgin Cover:
Unsigned: $25.00
Signed: $45.00
Signed CGC Graded: $120.00

 Due to how the book is being distributed we will not be guaranteeing 9.8 on signed and graded CGC copies. We will make every effort to obtain 9.8 or higher but it is possible that books could grade lower.

Graded Option books will be sent to CGC, a third party collectible grading company, for grading. 

More information on CGC can be found at CGC Comics

Print Runs:
Cover A (Virgin): 500 sets!
Signed/Graded Copies: 25 copies total!


An early tale of the She-Devil! Explore the early years of the wild and untamed Sonja the Red, before she because the scourge of Hyboria - Red Sonja! Retaining her trademark armor and flame-filled hair - and temper, writer Luke Liberman (Red Sonja: Doom of the Gods) and artist Sergio Davila (Conan) deliver high adventure and horror as they introduce the demon conqueror Raka and his devil's brew, which turns men against their fellow men (and everyone in their way!). Also featuring the return of Sonja's early mentor, Ozzyus!

Written By: Luke Lieberman
Interior Art By: Sergio Davila

Gerald is a regular cover artist at Marvel Comics, working on some of the biggest titles, such as; Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, X-23, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. He made his debut with DC Comics working on the interiors and cover art for the hit series, Batman Europa. 


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  • Release date for this book is 06/12/19. Due to logistics, it may take longer than 14 days before we start shipping orders.
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