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Red Sonja #21 CMS Exclusive by Derrick Chew


Publisher: Dynamite




Order your copies of Red Sonja #21 featuring cover art from Derrick Chew before it's too late! Available in either a full color trade dress cover or as a premium set with 1 full color trade dress cover and 1 limited edition NYCC convention virgin variant cover!

Release Date: 09/26/18

Available Options:
Full Color Cover: Unsigned / Signed / CGC Graded / Signed CGC Graded
Premium Set: Unsigned / Signed / CGC Graded / Signed CGC Graded

*Note: We are limiting the options to the following quantities!
75 Full Color Signed Books with COA's total between CGC Graded and ungraded books!

35 Convention Virgin Signed with COA's total between CGC Graded and ungraded books!

Graded Options are books that will be sent to CGC, a third party collectible grading company, for grading. We offer guaranteed 9.8 copies for either signed or unsigned versions.

More information on CGC can be found at CGC Comics

*Pre-ordered items will be billed to your method of payment at the time of purchase.

Print Runs:
Full Color Cover: 500 total copies
Virgin Variant Cover: 250 total copies
*Only 200 color and 100 sets will be available online. The rest will be available at NYCC 2018!

It's the final battle against the forces of Sandak, the usurper of Skath's castle! Lera's secret is revealed to Sonja! Can the warrior Skath find redemption? Will the dark power of Kulan Gath's amulet influence our heroes? And how does Sonja best a SHARK? Find out in the last chapter of THE BLADE OF SKATH!

Derrick Chew aka DCWJ is a freelance artist born and raised in Singapore. 

He received formal training in 2D animation while in school and has always been very fascinated and inspired by Japanese anime as well as western style art.

Formerly a Senior Artist from Imaginary Friends Studios, he later branched out to specialize in doing Character Illustrations and conceptual art for various entertainment and gaming companies like Games Workshop, Kabaam, Kingdom Death, Square Enix, Epic Games, Ninja Division, Applibot and many more. You can view some of his amazing art at Derrick Chew Gallery


  • Due to the nature of collectibles we cannot accept cancellations or provide any refunds on pre-ordered items so please check your carts carefully before checking out.
  • Release date for this book is 09/26/18. Due to high demand it may take longer than 14 days before we start shipping orders.
  • Pre-ordered items are billed at the time of purchase. If you have other items in the cart your order will be once all items are available. If you would like to have separate shipping please consider separate orders. 
  • Due to the location of the artist, all signature copies can take an extended amount of time to be completed. We will send periodic updates on the status. 
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